September 2013

Gloss Tiles

Glazing a tile helps to keep stains from seeping into the tile body and drastically reducing its beauty. It also keeps the tiles from absorbing moisture, which also reduces its life.  There are three types of glaze being matte, and semi or high gloss.  Consider the last two.  Semi and high gloss tiles are both Read More

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Ceramic Floor Tile

Ceramic floor tile are made from clay. However, they are “born” in one of two ways. They are either pressed into tiles as a mixture of minerals, or the clay is extruded and then formed into a tile. Although porcelain tiles are made in much the same way, ceramic tiles are created with less pressure. Additionally Read More

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Glazed Ceramic Tiles

What’s in a Glaze? Put simply, glazing a ceramic tile means coating it with a liquid, coloured, glass either by spraying it on, or pouring it on. Afterward, these glazed ceramic tiles are sent off to be fired at a high temperature so that the glaze bakes onto the surface. Why are glazed ceramic  tiles ? Other than providing Read More

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glass mosaic tiles

So much space, so many choices. When contemplating the options, it would be good to add glass mosaic tiles to the list. You will primarily find glass mosaic tiles in a kitchen or a bathroom. Why? The secret lies in their sparkle. Because glass tiles glisten like no other, they give the appearance of water Read More

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Marble Sydney

Historic, artistic, antique. These are some of the words that come to mind when we hear the word “marble”. Needless to say then, many find marble flooring to be stylish and sophisticated. What makes it so alluring? Are you after marble for your Sydney home? One characteristic is the durability of marble tiles compared with Read More

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What Is Travertine

Are you familiar with “travertine tiles " ? What is travertine? Despite sounding like the first name of a really smart kid from your high-school chemistry class, travertine is actually the name of a naturally occurring sedimentary rock. It was used extensively by the Romans since its primary source was Tivoli, Italy. In fact, the Read More

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Difference Between Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

You may have recently heard about ‘porcelain tiles’ as you started the hunt for some tiles to renovate or build your new home. Many wonder what exactly the difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles is. The word ‘ceramic tiles’ is often used to refer to a wide range of tiles, sometimes even referring to porcelain Read More

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Stone Floor Tiles

If you've come to love your stone floor tiles , then it could be said in a figurative way that you too have 'a heart of stone' as it were. But to prove your fondness for it, and to maintain that aesthetic beauty, care is necessary. When it comes to caring for your stone floor tiles, prevention is Read More

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