August 2013

Stone Tiles Sydney

Are you looking for beautiful stone tiles for your Sydney home? Remember, when it comes to stone tiles, you’ll never find that all stones are just ‘chips off the same old stone block’. Natural Stone is a naturally occurring material, and nature loves variety. The way it forms stones is proof of this. So what Read More

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Grouting Tiles

When it comes to grouting tiles, there are a number of things to consider. 2. Pick a grout suitable to use. For domestic use, we recommend Davco sanitised coloured grout. For high traffic areas and lighter coloured grout, we recommend adding grout cure to your Davco sanitised coloured grout. This will help keep grout lines Read More

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Laying Floor Tiles

You have chosen your floor tiles, laid the subfloor, and you are now anxious to get creative. Just like in the other two steps, you will need all the right tools before laying floor tiles. Many of the required tools for laying floor tiles you already would have had for the other two steps, except Read More

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splashback tiles

Looking for high-end splash back tiles but not in the market for devoting days to installing it? Then you may find the following tips from the experts useful. Before you begin your splash back installation project , kill the power to all of the walls you will be focusing on. That's a nice beginning for Read More

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