June 2013

Ceramic Floor Tiles

If you are in the market for quality ceramic floor tiles in Sydney, or anywhere in Australia, you have come to the right place.  Below is some valuable information you need to know. Vitreous tiles are the least porous of the ceramic tile family. If you are tiling an area prone to a lot of Read More

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Whether your tile has been installed on the wall or the floor, the techniques for replacing damaged ceramic tiles are the same. Here are some tips for getting the job done safely. Always wear gloves and safety goggles for protection against flying shards of tile. As a first step, you will need to first clean Read More

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Porcelain and ceramic tile are a durable surface suitable for the high traffic areas of your home. However, before laying the tile, it is necessary to make a solid foundation for it. This is called the subfloor, or basically ‘the floor beneath the floor’. This will make sure the tile does not flex or crack Read More

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Laying Tiles

Walls all done? Now it’s time to fix the floor. Here are some tips for a satisfying project. Remember, if you are laying ceramic tiles, the surface beneath needs to be flat, level, and must be rigid. If the floor is not even, then the adhesive bed will also be uneven, and the tiles will not Read More

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Regular Tiles

Installing tiles is not all about the fixing aspect. It allows for creativity and flair. Here are some tips about using accent tiles. First, “look before you leap” by giving careful thought and plan where and how you will use them. You will be living with your choice for a long time. If you have Read More

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Floor Tiling Tips

Here are some floor tiling tips to prepare to install floor tiles in your home. Empty the room, removing any mouldings or baseboards. How can you remove a baseboard? A baseboard may have three general parts: A shoe moulding, the main board, and then a shaped top strip. Each of these can be removed by Read More

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Wall Tiling Tips

Find many helpful wall tiling tips here. There are many things to consider.  One is the type of tile being installed. Second, the type of surface the tiles will be adhered to. A third consideration is the location where the tiles will be used. How significant are these factors? For one, the type of tile Read More

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As is inherent in the name, “rapidsetting” or “rapid dry” adhesives dry quickly. What should you know about this? The temperature of the environment will affect the speed at which such adhesives dry. When you purchase rapid dry adhesives, the package will specify what temperature will give your adhesive optimum performance. In principle, the warmer Read More

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