April 2013

Self Leveling Compounds

Self-leveling compounds provide a smooth and even surface on your subfloor before installing tiles. In addition it repairs cracks and imperfections in the surface. Just as with any product there are numerous varieties of leveler produces for specific purposes. Most commonly there are two types of leveler, a water based type and an acrylic type Read More

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Cerdisa – Growing With Industry Leaders Tile Factory Outlet is proud to announce that their relationship with Italian brand name companies is fast growing.  TFO started their relationship with just one company a few years ago and is now dealing with six high-profile, top-end, well-known brand companies such as Cerdisa. Cerdisa is a company which Read More

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When working with a self leveling compound, there is always the possibility that in your efforts to create a smooth surface for your tile installation, you in fact end up with a bubbling or cracking leveler. How can this be eliminated? As basic as it sounds, one of the most important things is to follow the Read More

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Travertine Flooring

Are you building your own home? Is remodeling your home part of your plan? Do you want to make it more appealing? If your answer is an emphatic yes, then, you should consider travertine floor tiles for the home’s flooring. What are travertine floor tiles? If you're not acquainted with these tiles, then you must Read More

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Floor Travertine

A pale, heavy, banded limestone produced from the evaporation of hot springs is known as Travertine. It's one of the most commonly used stones in present day structures, commonly seen as wall cladding and flooring, external and internal and facade material. Travertine is widely used for paving patios and garden paths. It really is characterized Read More

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Travertine Company

Bozbaylar Travertine Company is being introduced by a Turkish Australian, who understands Australia’s landscapes and current in home style trends. Bozbaylar travertine company have many year’s experience and credibility within the industry and have taken the time to provide Tile Factory Outlet’s customers with a few words direct from the supplier. Read on to find Read More

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Stone Tile

Making your floors the envy of the whole neighborhood may be what you want. That's what we all want. Nonetheless, can you really stand out from others? It's so easy. The answer is travertine stone tiles. If you’re hearing the name for the first time and wondering if it’s everything you really need, relax. Travertine Read More

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Travertine Stone

One form of sedimentary stone is called unfilled travertine stone. This is composed by the precipitated calcium carbonates present in mineral springs. It is considered a form of limestone. This can develop in the natural process that is commonly located in hot springs. Additionally, this can be also seen in caves where it builds up stalagmites Read More

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Have you noticed that the new “now” is the “then” of long ago? So many have gone for the rustic, natural look that the market is now flooded with varieties of such tiles. Are you looking to get that soothing rustic look for your home décor? TFO has got the tools and the tips to Read More

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Designer Tiles Sydney

When it comes to tile design and colours, the only limit is your imagination. There are so many ceramic and stone tile varieties available, not to mention the abundance of colours, textures, styles and patterns. This allows you to put “you” into any chosen design. Let’s see how you can choose the right colour for Read More

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