March 2013

When preparing the subflooring, before applying the leveling compound, make sure you have swept or vacuumed up any dirt or dust on the surface. Next, check the floor for imperfections. A prime example would be nail heads jutting up from the surface. If there are any, use a hammer or a screwdriver to nail them Read More

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Before beginning a tile installation over a concrete floor, it is important to make sure the floor is smooth and even. Otherwise when weight is applied on your floor tiles they will crack as they bend into the dips and low spots. How can this problem be resolved? By applying a leveling compound. First you Read More

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Travertine Paving

Travertine pavers might either be chiseled-edge or tumbled edge. But what are tumbled edge travertine pavers? Can it enhance the beauty of your travertine paving? Travertine pavers have became popular in recent times surpassing the asphalt, brick and concrete pavers. They are versatile and also the natural stone includes a selection of shades. It is not Read More

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Best Tiler

With regards to the facets of tiling, there's no person who could encompass the skill of a tiler because he is skilled in doing that. A tiler also performs the job of the handyman and not simply participate in tiling. Therefore, there's a need to choose the best tiler and here is how to accomplish Read More

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Tile Factory Outlet

Bathroom or home remodeling is among the most wearying and costly fixes at home for the reason that aside from employing an experienced laborer and service provider to do the job, you should choose the right kind of furnishings and decorative tiles. It will be hard for you to pick one store which sells high Read More

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Tile Outlet Sydney

Factory outlets have evolved the way of shopping in our modern generation. Now, there's a fantastic rise of these stores. Making use of the term 'outlet' on marketing material and advertising has recently become a trend due to the huge rise in the number of Factory Outlets internationally. A factory outlet is actually a retail store. Here Read More

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Are you are a Mum-to-be and have the urge to nest, besides looking at all the fun stuff, like adorable baby clothes, functional and safe nursery items why not think about the condition of your bathroom and your nursery floors?  Is your bathroom in good condition? Or are you looking at tired, old and possibly Read More

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Flexible Adhesive

Should you be considering on getting your bathroom floor and wall tiles replaced then you probably already know how costly it is; approximately 30 dollars per square meter of tile, add on top of that an additional 50 dollars per square meter to get them professionally installed. After doing the mathematics you find that for Read More

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Tile Shop Sydney

First of all, obviously products. Does the tile shop give you the option you are truly satisfied with? The tile shop in Sydney that you go to should be up-to-date with the latest trends in tiles and also carry stock of conventional tiles that everyone loves. It should offer a wide range of tiles so Read More

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