December 2012

Travertine Tile

In Australia, the climate is temperate. Contrary to countries within the northern hemisphere, we do not encounter ice and snow, harsh winds and biting frosts. Fairly, Australians are fortunate enough to experience wonderfully warm weather almost all year-round. It also signifies that in terms of home decoration we can select from a number of floor Read More

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Renovation Auctions

Odds are pretty good that you are looking for methods to save money on your home renovation project, whether you lately obtained a fixer upper or are improving your home after a decade of living there. You may be thinking that tile auctions are the best way to save money on your flooring, that is Read More

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Home Decor Ideas

Are you a do-it-yourself fanatic? Where would you tell a beginner to start if he wanted to alter his home decor to give it a fresh look? Chances are you would be telling him to start with the floor. It’s amazing the amount of people who are haunted by their designing errors and are generally forced to Read More

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white porcelain tiles

We are often asked “What is the best wall tile for my bathroom?” That question is very hard to answer as it would depend on a variety of factors; we need to know things like the aesthetic appeal you’re aiming for, the durability required, the size of the bathroom and what sort of dirt and Read More

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Splashback Tiles

Maintaining your kitchen clean and guarded need not detract from its aesthetic attractiveness and Kitchen Splashback tiles are evidence of that. Actually, a well-chosen splashback pattern can even “make a splash” in your kitchen, creating an artistic and attractive work area in which the enjoyable aromas of home cooked meals could be accompanied by a Read More

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Are you not happy with the design of your bathroom? Are you declaring it's unappealing? It's time for change and you have to do it now! The following bathroom renovation tips can help you… The number one place that homeowners like to renovate is the kitchen. That is wrong! Since you will expend less cash Read More

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Subway Tiles Kitchen Splashback

The rectangular brick-patterned tiles known as “subway tiles” got there name from where they were most often seen—the New York subway. And as the saying goes ‘if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere.’ Now they are a popular tile used in bathrooms and kitchens. Here’s how the professionals recommend Read More

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