November 2012

Tiling Bathroom

You've designed, purchased materials, applied mortar to the floor and have now installed your tiles. Now comes one of the messiest parts—grouting. But just like you discovered that tiling bathroom floor can be satisfying when a little skill is applied, you will find the same when completing this final task for your tile. As mentioned Read More

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Bathroom Floor Tiles

Choosing your bathroom floor tiles and then tiling your bathroom can be a satisfying project, breathing new life and artistic flair into a much overlooked room of the house. However, when it comes to tiling your bathroom floor, here are some tips from the professionals. After spreading your thin set mortar on the floor, scoring Read More

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Color Tiles

Tile Factory Outlet stock an array of coloured tiles which includes neutral coloured tiles, red tiles, blue tiles, white tiles, beige tiles and a mix of other colours. What is unique about the tiles at TFO is the quality. Our neutral coloured tiles have a fantastic ceramic coating that simply exudes class and style. You might Read More

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Kitchen Flooring

Life is full of decisions. Choosing the type of kitchen flooring that is right for you is not an easy choice. And the sheer number options does not make it any easier. But consider some advantages of going with tiles as your flooring option as opposed to other options such as wood. Wood floors for Read More

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Kitchen Floor

Just like with most things in life, the matter of kitchen floor presents you with many choices. What are they? And what points should you consider? To make your kitchen floor look trendy and high-end, you can use Travertine tiles. It is a kind of limestone and comes in various colors from ivory to gold Read More

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Kitchen Floor Tiling

There are many types of tiles available that could be used as kitchen floor tiling. However, for the kitchen there are some points to consider before obtaining tiles. The kitchen is where the culinary action takes place. This activity includes liquids being mixed, boiled, etc. Inevitably then, there will be some spills. It is therefore Read More

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How to Tile a Wall

Learn how to tile a wall. Before you begin tiling your room it is good to prepare for the tile pattern. How can you do it? First find the longest wall in the room. Grab your measuring tape and measure to the middle of that wall and the wall across from it. Then grab your Read More

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Tile Design

So many patterns, so little time. What tile design for your floor is best? A lot will depend on the eye of the beholder. Tile Design - Grid Pattern This is the basic layout for square tiles. However, this basic pattern does allow you to get creative with a tile design for your floor. You can Read More

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Tiling Pattern

There are many popular tiling patterns and floor designs to choose from. Some tiling patterns and designs include brickwork patterns and a diagonal tile pattern.  Let’s consider what these entail. This tiling pattern can be achieved simply by sliding every alternate row of tiles over to half the length of the tile above it. Using Read More

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Floor Tile Installation

Creating a floor tile design gives you a license to get creative and design a pattern that not only looks good but “feels” good. But just like a map can help you when traveling an unfamiliar road, creating a tile design starts with a template. Those in the know present several methods for creating a temporary Read More

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