October 2012

Bullnose Tiles

Bullnose tiles refers to tile with a rounded edge as opposed to regular tile with a square edge. Moreover, bullnose tile comes in several varieties. The half-bullnose has a rounded or curved edge on the top, but the bottom remains rectangular or square. Looked at from the side, it looks like a quarter of a Read More

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Floor Tiles Autstralia

Shopping for floor tiles in Sydney? Would you like to decrypt the information the manufacturers list on the product packaging? Consider some of the following information. The tile packaging will list a water absorption rating. Understanding this rating will help you to know whether this tile can go outside in the rain, or next to Read More

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Cheapest Floor Tiles

Even the cheapest floor tiles can last if you know which ones to install and where. When considering this matter, think about the traffic in your home. The term “traffic” is not referring to the cars speeding down the road in front of your home, but the amount of “foot traffic” that will traverse the Read More

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Cheap Floor Tiles Sydney - Image

Knowledge is the key after you've purchased cheap floor tiles in Sydney and are preparing to install them. So what should you know? Here are some basic points. Cheap Floor Tiles - The Grout It is necessary to have grout, but not necessary for it to be grimy. If the grout is a darker colour it Read More

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Cheap Floor Tile

It was not your local cheap floor tile dealer that conjured up the idea of baking clay and laying out for family and friends to walk on. You can basically thank the Romans for making that idea vogue. But to follow in their footsteps and give your guests something to talk about, get to know Read More

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Tiles Bathroom

You can make your daily shower routine not just a refreshing stress reliever but also a spa-like experience. With a bit of creativity and the acquisition of cheap tiles for your bathroom, it’s possible to make your bathroom come to life. In the realm of cheap tiles bathroom, there are many varieties. Which should you choose? Consider first the users. If you have small Read More

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How To Lay Ceramic Tiles

Modern technology has made it quite easy to obtain ceramic tiles. You can purchase ceramic tiles online with the click of your mouse. Before doing so, it is good to take some points into consideration to make sure you get the best value for your money.  Here's some things you need to know before you lay your Read More

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Stone Pavers

Most of us are not experts when it comes to using stone pavers in our landscaping. But here are a few tips and tricks recommended by the professionals that may assist you in making your landscaping something you’re proud of. A dip in your pool is refreshing on a hot summer day—until you emerge and Read More

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Kitchen Floor Tiles

When you look at your kitchen you will immediately notice that no matter how small it is the floor is generally the largest surface area. What does that mean? It means that it will have a huge impact on the impression that kitchen floors tiles give. So the color of the kitchen floor's tile is important Read More

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