September 2012

Outdoor Pavers

So you want to landscape outside? Before you begin, you will find it advantageous to ask yourself “What is the purpose? A Road to Where?"  Whatever 'road' you decide, you will need to use travertine pavers. Some people will lay out a stone paver path to direct traffic either from one area of the landscaping to another Read More

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Pavers Tiles

Satisfied with your floor tiles? Then you may be contemplating your landscaping now. What to do? One idea is to use stone pavers or concrete pavers as a part of your landscaping. What are the benefits?  Below we will discuss the benefits of using pavers (pavers tiles). These outdoors tiles can assist you in making clear boundaries between Read More

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Stones Walls

All the annual and perennial flowers are in place, creating an array of color in your garden. So why think about using stone walls in your landscape? Let’s compare your garden to beautiful painting. If so, a well-designed stackstone wall with its aesthetic appeal is the frame which holds the painting together. What can you Read More

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Stacked Stone

How can stacked stone be used in your Kitchen? After deciding on your choice of natural stone or flexible, artificial stone, ponder some of the following options. Due to the natural look that stacked stone gives, you can create an aesthetically appealing kitchen backsplash without making it seem that you were trying too hard to decorate. This Read More

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Travertine Tiles Bathroom

Like to add a rustic look to your bathroom? Try travertine tiles. Whether on the floor, ceiling, or countertop, these natural beauties will give you the antique look that you’ve been longing for. Before doing so, keep in mind a few points. “Solid as a rock”. We are familiar with the saying. The fact is Read More

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Travertine Tile

Finally! You’ve found the cheap tiles you’ve been looking for—the travertine tile that will give your home that antique look without having to abandon it for 150 years. What things should you consider before beginning your project? Knowing that travertine tiles are actually a naturally occurring stone, you may feel that they are indestructible. However, travertine Read More

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Travertine Tiles

We generally are cautious when inviting strangers in our home until we know where they’re from and why they’re there. Before purchasing travertine stone tiles, you might find it beneficial to get a little background on this popular tile variety. Travertine gets its name from its hometown—Tibur, in ancient Rome. Initially called by a Latin Read More

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