August 2012

Lighting Ideas For Home

“I was sure these socks were the same color!” Ever had such a sentiment when you thought you had grabbed two black socks just to find out that one was black and the other dark blue? That is the limitation of artificial lights. Socks are easy to change, but your home décor of floor tiles Read More

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Is your tiling project finished? If so, you may find that as you stand back admiring your (or the person you hired’s) handy work you have a surplus of tiles remaining. Some of these may have broken into shards, others may be slightly chipped, yet others cracked. Or it could simply be that you have Read More

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When it comes to cleaning, there are many things that make us cringe - dirt, mold, mildew, spray from exploding cooking grease and soap residue - especially when these things are found in your grout. Along with you not being impressed, either will your family and  friends.  But who enjoys cleaning grout?  What is the Read More

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