July 2012


Epoxy is heralded as the hero of grouts. Are there any downsides to this much lauded grout? Tiles are porous. Therefore if you have unglazed tiles the epoxy grout could cause serious discoloration. The solution? Seal your tiles first to protect them, especially if you are using stone tiles. Always test the tile installation you Read More

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epoxy grout

When it comes to grout, many homeowners consider epoxy grout to be the material of choice. But what is epoxy? And what makes it “all the rage”? In actuality, epoxy grout is mixed from two or three components. There is a resin and a hardener. These two are mixed and off you go. Colors can Read More

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Grout Tiles

Why is grout used? A sticky cement based substance primarily used to add stability to your tiles and protect against mold. However, grout is available in various colors. Its addition, then, is not only a mechanical necessity but can add an artistic accent to your tile design. What types of grout are out there? Two Read More

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Porcelain Tiles Prices

The word “porcelain” may seem to be inseparably linked with word “doll” in the minds of many. For scientists it is based on the minerals used to produce a tough, white, impermeable substance. Porcelain tiles, on the other hand, are considered such because of their water absorption rate (0.5% or less) and not due to Read More

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Home Decor

Are you are a do-it-yourself fanatic? Where would you tell a beginner to start if he wanted to alter his home decor to give it a fresh look? Chances are you would be telling him to start with the floor. It’s amazing the amount of people who are haunted a few years later because of Read More

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Floor Tiles Sizes

When first looking at a room you wish to decorate, some would consider the room’s size to be the last thing to consider. However, considering that the room size affects how you perceive the room should make this one of the top things you take into consideration. Why? Too Big or Not Too Big---That is Read More

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Feature Wall Colours

When it comes to home décor, many of the million-dollar questions center on colour. The colour of your floor tiles, wall tiles, your furnishings and your wall paint. What is a common way to decide which colour to use for your walls? Many go to their local paint merchant and grab a handful of colour Read More

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Home Décor Sydney

As with all colours, blue has various personalities and can accomplish different purposes in your home décor. Consider some of the following. Blue—a warm colour? Blue is in fact considered to be a cool colour and a receding one, giving the feeling of opening up a room, making it feel larger. However, certain shades of Read More

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Home Decorating

“Math?” you ask, glancing at this title either in horror or disgust. True, very few had math as a favorite subject in school and of those who did, even fewer would admit to it. However, in the world of home decorating design, you can make numbers work for you. In what way?  A simple rule Read More

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Decorative Floor Tiles

What’s the title of your favorite song? How many times do the words in that title appear throughout the song? What could that possibly have to do with your home décor? Well, just as the words of a song tie it to its theme, the colors you choose for the theme of your décor ties Read More

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