June 2012

Tile Cleaning

Tile cleaning on a regular basis not only extends the life of your tiles and contributes to the overall beauty of your décor, but it is a must for good home hygiene. Why so? Tiles provide the perfect surface for dirt to cling especially if the tiles have a textured or uneven surface as in Read More

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Ceramic Tile Floor

If you are after a ceramic tile floor, before acquiring ceramic tiles, it’s first good to know what they are made from. What actually is “ceramic”? The root of the English word “ceramic” is in fact the Greek word Keramos referring to potter’s clay or pottery. Thus a ceramic tile is as its name, a natural Read More

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Kitchen splashback tiles are proof that keeping your kitchen hygienic and protected need not detract from its aesthetic appeal. In fact, a well-chosen splashback pattern can even “make a splash” in your kitchen, creating an artistic and attractive work area where the pleasant aromas of home cooked meals can be accompanied by a dazzling burst Read More

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tile design

Whether you're installing new tiles in the bathroom, kitchen, living room or anywhere else, it's important to use the right design. Taking the time to plan ahead and shop for the perfect tile design will pay off when you finally get to see your completed work. Don't worry if you don't know which one to Read More

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Choosing Ceramic Floor Tiles

Choosing to install ceramic floor tiles in your home is an investment that will undoubtedly pay off in the long run. Not only does it help create a better-looking, more functional area, but it also raises the value of your home. In fact, many homeowners choose to re-do their bathrooms or kitchens with new ceramic Read More

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Cheap Ceramic Tiles

When you shop for discount tiles, don't just buy the cheapest tiles on the market and be done with it. There are many low-quality and poorly manufactured tiles that are sold for dimes on the dollar. Sure, you might get off spending a fraction of what you normally would, but purchasing low-quality tiles can put Read More

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splash back wall tiles for kitchens

Transform your kitchen with TFO’s splash-back wall tiles. Use glass mosaics, ceramic or porcelain tiles to dress up your kitchen whilst getting an easy maintenance Adding new splash back wall tiles for kitchens is a simple DIY project that most people can handle by themselves. However, many people make the rookie mistake of choosing an inappropriate type Read More

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