January 2012

How to Tile Stairs

Measuring stairs for tiles can be a daunting task. However by means of this short article, it is hoped you will feel confident enough to measure up your own stairs. The first thing you must do is get the data you need. Below is the information you need: Tile Size:                                 x                                  (tile size in meters) Read More

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Mosaic Tiles Online

Mosaic tiles are fantastic for getting a new look for the home's interior. In fact there is nothing better and easier to do than this. Home owners аnd builders аrе warming uр tо thе idea оf installing tiles bесаuѕе thе wide array оf intricate designs offer loads оf options fоr creative minds. Thеrе are many choices Read More

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Buy Tiles Sydney

Gone are the days when you could only purchase tiles from a few local high priced retailers. Thanks to the growth of large companies and the internet, now you can purchase a wide variety of wall and floor tiles at amazingly cheap tile prices. You can purchase from different manufacturers and factories direct. This means that Read More

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Borders are one of the latest decorating styles and is especially used in bathrooms.  This trend is superseding the use of horizontal borders which have been used over the last 20 years. What are the differences between putting a horizontal border and a vertical border? The effect of using horizontal borders is simply that it encloses Read More

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mosaic kitchen tiles

Mosaic tiles are absolutely stunning in the kitchen, which is the most important part of a home as that is generally where people cook and gather to eat. Cooking and eating in a great environment will enhance the enjoyment of these everyday experiences. If your kitchen is tacky and in a bad condition, then you Read More

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Tumbled Edge Travertine

Go into any home store and the choices can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to travertine and tumbled edge travertine. So what is the difference between regular travertine and tumbled edge travertine? The answer may surprise you. First, travertine is a naturally occurring material that is created when minerals come up from the interior Read More

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outdoor pavers sydney

Buy stunning travertine outdoor pavers from TFO Sydney and save! TFO has become Australia’s largest tile outlet and all products are stocked onsite. Buy factory-direct travertine pavers and tiles at wholesale prices like never before. Travertine is the most popular choice of natural outdoor pavers in Sydney. Travertine is in the limestone family and so Read More

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Wholesale Tiles

Floor tiles are among the most significant features that make a home elegant and beautiful. You might be thinking, what are the best floor tiles to put in your new home? Or perhaps you might be considering renovating your existing home. Whatever the case, there is one place you can buy wholesale tiles at wholesale Read More

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Travertine Tiles Honed Filled

You might have heard of honed and filled travertine tiles but have no idea what it is. There is little doubt you have heard of marble tiles, granite tiles, and even sandstone tiles. What they are made of is self explanatory but what travertine is a bit of a mystery. However it does not need Read More

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Bathroom Rectified Gloss White

When it comes to white bathroom tiles what is more popular than 300x 600 mm gloss white wall tile? Nothing! Because it's simply irresistible. It gives a contemporary feel, looks great and is easy to clean. Gloss white bathroom tiles will add a new dimension to your bathroom. The white colour will complement any type of floor Read More

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