tilers sydney

Tilers Sydney

We found that often times our customers ask for good tilers. It’s hard to know where to start in finding a good tiler if it’s your first tiling project. So here is a list of tilers who have helped many TFO customers.

Please note though that we do not or in any way endorse or recommend these tilers. It is your responsibility to make sure that they meet your needs and expectations.


1. Johnny Bao 0422 431 907 Licence No: 129 813c
2. Advance Tiling Group 0413 740 944 (Pierre) Licence No: 126 287c
3. Bao 0401 154 125 Licence No: 129 813c
4. Francois Yao Amevor 0401 932 870 Licence No: 127 733c
5. 21st Century Stone 0419 472 265 (Zac) Licence No: 153 634c